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High quality materials, clear cuts and well thought out details - the Berlin based trend label Ucon Acrobatics puts special focus on casual perfection combined with creative power of talented young designers. Since 2001, the brand founded by Jochen Smuda and Martin Fussenegger has been producing unique products that bring together supreme quality and perfect design. The creative minds of Ucon Acrobatics meet at their headquarters in Berlin to develop ideas that have never been seen before.
Their philosophy is "balance and agility in everyday life". Life in a big city can be challenging, like a kaleidoscope of different cultures that all meet in one place. That's exactly where the idea of Ucon Acrobatics starts: Diversity, urban chic and high quality are brought together in the halls of this Berlin trend manufacture and the result are unique products. Life in a big city is what gives these designers new inspiration, day by day, while they appreciate the little moments between stress and daily routine. Instead of seeing them as problems that need to be solved, they believe in adventures as part of our life experience.
When it comes to design, this brand shines bright like a star. But the founders are also highly committed in charity. Ucon Acrobatics is proud to call the Welthungerhilfe, PETA, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and Elendsfunds their partners - to make this place a better world, every day.
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